Low back pain / Surgery Avoided

I have experienced low back pain now for over ten years. It was a constant pain which would travel down into my legs. I have gone to many doctors including general practitioners, orthopedist, pain management MD’s, and conventional chiropractors and have received various forms of treatment including physical therapy, medications, and epidural injections to the lower back. My back symptoms became so bad that I became a surgical candidate. A friend told me about the MedX program and did some research and decided to try it out and after just six months of therapy the results were dramatic. I was able to perform many of the physical activities I enjoy doing such as rock climbing, hiking, skiing (aggressively), and other activities. If I stuck with normal daily activities I am sure I would stay pain free. However, since I like to push myself in my recreational activities my low back pain is occasionally aggravated, but my recovery time is extremely faster then it has ever been. I would highly recommend the MedX treatment and Michael Berner to all my friends and family. Needless to say, I am no longer contemplating surgery.

TMJD Sufferer

I highly recommend this exceptional talented massage therapist for the following reasons:

I was diagnosed with myospasm-temporalis muscle spasms and TMJ dysfunction. I had chronic pain for two years, after two weeks of seeing Michael, the spasms have ceased and have not recurred. He brought me to a much higher quality of life with his soft tissue ltherapy.

I continue to see to see Michael weekly for maintenance and I am 95% pain free.

Yours sincerely,


Back pain and spasms

I first visited Michael a few years ago with severe back spasms. I had seen chiropractors, physiotherapists and had acupuncture treatments but the spasms returned. Michael sat down with me, reviewed my history, determined what was wrong and then set out a program to eliminate the pain and strengthen my back so the spasms wouldn’t return. I have been pain free for a number of years and my back feels stronger than I can ever remember. Best health choice I have made.


Chronic Migraines and shoulder, neck pain

In 2003 I was involved in a MVA, I was struck very hard from the rear.

I was diagnosed with soft tissue injuries on shoulder, neck, migraines daily and many sleepless night.

In the past nine years I have tried everything that has been recommended to me. I am the type of person that pushes very hard to accomplish everything plus more on a daily basis.

I have seen so many Doctors, Specialists, MRI, bone scan.

I have received various forms of treatments such as pain management at GF Strong for Chronic pain and epidural injections on my neck and shoulders, physiotherapist, chiropractors, RMT, acupuncture, medication for pain and daily migraines.

Everyone that I have seen has told me that I would get better, 9 years have gone by and thousand of dollars later I was still going to bed with migraines and getting up with them. I am a very fit, active, busy business woman who start the day 5:00 a.m. with a 10 km run 5-6 times per week.

Six weeks ago I went to my Dentist for my annual check up and the conversation come up about my neck and shoulders problem, he recommended me to see Michael.

My Dentist said, (Michael has definitely helped my wife, you should give him a call) .

I called Michael the very next day. He come to my house for the whole month, once a week to give me a treatment.

I have been running like someone has lifted a large weight of my shoulders, the migraines have gone completely. I sleep soundly every night now.

The pain on my neck and shoulders have diminished lower than 50% and I am looking forward to getting rid of the pain permanently.

Michael is truly gifted on what he does and he gets tremendous joy by making people feel better and pain free. I recommend Michael and his treatment to everyone who has been in pain for a long time and tried other treatments which have not worked.


Business woman

Low Back Pain

I was involved in a work-related accident in July 2004, which resulted in a serious low back injury. I had constant pain with numbness and tingling down into my right leg/foot. I had three different doctors tell me that I needed surgery due to the large disc bulges (10+ mm) in the lower back. My doctor then recommend that I try this MedX Spinal Rehabilitation program at Advanced Spine & Sport Chiropractic and soon after my symptoms began to improve. I am now able to participate in more activities that I wasn’t able to do before without experiencing severe pain in the lower back and right leg. If you are even considering surgery to the lower back, I would recommend you give the MedX program a try first.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One year ago I began experiencing numbness and tingling in my fingers, very cold hands, and severe pain that would constantly wake me up at night. I went to my primary physician who explained to me that I had  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  and that I would need surgery to correct the problem. Like many, I wanted to avoid surgery and decided to give chiropractic a chance. After a couple of visits the chiropractor sent me to Dynamic  Back, Neck and Body. I have experienced incredible results. As my job requires me to work on the computer all day long, my fingers seldom go to sleep anymore, my pain is virtually gone, and my hands are warm again. I am also able to sleep much better at night and my wrists and fingers do not hurt. I would strongly recommend anyone to see Michael Berner if they are experiencing any symptoms of Carpal Tunnel.

Kelly Lynch (Actress)

“Michael helped my pain significantly, I highly recommend him”



Edward James Olmos (Actor)

“I have had bodywork all over the world and Michael has been the best for me hands down”



Monte Farber (Author, Psychic, speaker)

I met Michael in Colorado, he was so good we had him come to Hampton’s to work on us and our friends. He is truly gifted. He gives a new meaning to the word massage.



Billy Bob Thornton (Actor)

“Suffering with migraines for years, it was nice to get some relief”



Anthony Ciccone ( Madonna’s brother)

“Thank you for helping me and my friends”



Mike Hughs from “Top Shot”

“In a short Three visits I was 90%, Michael helped me tremendously”.



Michael Radutzky ( Senior Producer 60 Minutes)

Simply stated Michael gave me the most extraordinary massage I’ve ever received, instant pain relief, A life changing experience.



Jay Thomas (Actor, Comedian)




Ed Bradley (20/20 t. v program)

“Michael’s body work is second to none”