MedX Spinal Rehabilitation

What is MedX?

This equipment is designed to restore the bio mechanical integrity of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine and is able to accurately measure joint range of motion limits, muscle strength and flexibility. Data is then compared to normative data for a person of the same sex and height to assess how much below expected normal they are performing. A progressive strengthening program is then developed, specifically designed to isolate and strengthen the weakened area.

We most often use the Lumbar MedX to treat low back, pelvic and hip pain, degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, herniated disks, arthritis in back and spine, fibromyalgia, muscle weakness and loss of lumbar mobility and strength.

We most often us the Cervical MedX to treat degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, herniated disks, headaches, neck and shoulder girdle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, dizziness, thoracic pain, elbow problems arthritis in the neck , fibromyalgia, muscle weakness and loss of neck mobility and strength.

One of the leading factors in the development of low back pain and injury is insufficient strength in the smaller low back muscles. These muscles are susceptible to injury because they are not trained by normal exercise routines. Med-X permits precise strength and durability measurements and specific training of these muscles.

What makes the MedX Lumbar Rehab so good at relieving low back pain?
  • Successful in 85% of back and neck persistent pain patients–even those who’ve had spine surgery
  • Teach patients proactive self-care techniques to prevent future injuries
  • Typical treatment program is 2 times a week for 6-12 weeks
  • Three months free post-treatment maintenance program for continued progress
  • Safe, proven and cost effective

Medx Medical Lumbar Rehab machine completely isolates low back extensor muscles which need to be strong to relieve low back pain, and other exercises do not. If you want big strong biceps, you need to isolate your biceps by doing bicep curls. If you do push ups you will get strong triceps and pectoral muscles, but even though you are using your arms, you will not get bigger stronger biceps. Likewise, if you don’t isolate your back extensor muscles, other stronger muscles, like your gluts and hamstrings, will take over for the weak back extensor muscles and the strong will get stronger, while the weak back muscles will stay weak, and you will not get relief of your low back pain. Even exercises commonly done to strengthen the back extensor’s like dead lifts and Roman Chair exercises, do not significantly strengthen the back.

The Medx Medical lumbar rehab machine isolates your lumbar extensor muscles by tightly holding your legs and pelvis in a position that eliminates them from helping your back muscles, forcing your back extensor muscles to do all the work. By isolating them in this manner, they quickly regain lost strength, and most people, get relief of their low back pain.

As well, when you have chronic low back pain your back muscles typically are in spasm, preventing your back from moving very well. When you use the Medx Medical Lumbar machine, you are “forced” to move your lower back. This movement feels good (just like if you hurt your elbow or knee, you move it back and forth to “work it out” because it feels good).

The movement your low back goes through on the Medx Medical Lumbar Machine, usually increases your range of motion (the amount your back is able to move) and also causes pumping of fluids into your discs and lubricates the joints, which also helps your body to heal injured spinal tissue, which is another reason this machine is able to relieve back pain.

MedX Initial Assessment (Back Strength Testing)

MedX is the first machine capable of isolating the lumbar extensor spinal muscles and producing an objective measure of back strength and range of motion. The initial assessment involves being seated in the MedX equipment and having the lower half of your body immobilized by a patented restraint system. Restraining your lower body is one of the keys to the effectiveness of MedX.

Once positioned in the MedX your body has no option but to only use the lumbar extensor musculature. The MedX is then calibrated specifically for your body so that you may commence the initial assessment. You push back into a stationary seat back that is positioned at 0º, 12º, 24º, 36º, 48º, 60º and 72º lumbar flexion. The MedX measures what force you generate at which angle. This is an isometric measure of your lumbar spine strength through the available range of movement.

The force that you generate is displayed and recorded by the MedX computer. Your results are compared to normative data for a person of the same age, gender, height and weight as you. With acute back pain the clinical may choose not to test you first up as we will always test you and exercise you in a safe manner.

MedX pre and post Treatment graphs

From these measures (and your medical history) we can accurately determine a safe and effective level of work for your spine on the MedX equipment. You then proceed onto the MedX Dynamic Exercise part of your treatment.

Evidence Based Practice

Over 100 published medical journal articles show the MedX Medical Lumbar Machine is the best way to rehab your back, and in doing so, has been shown to be very effective at relieving chronic back pain, decreasing osteoporosis, and preventing surgery!

Not everyone gets relief of low back pain using the Medx Machine, but about 76% of people do, according to a study of 895 consecutive patients followed for one year. However, we know that for sure, if you use the Medx Machine and do the work for a couple minutes, once or twice a week, you will rebuild the strength of your lumbar extensor muscles, and this is always a good thing. Studies show if your back muscles are strong it will help prevent future injuries, and help you heal faster and better, no matter what other treatment you might need, even if you eventually require surgery (which very few people need). As well, the medical research shows that strength gains made on the Medx Medical Lumbar Machine are maintained for 2-5 years

Medical Research

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