I completed my massage therapy certification in Santa Barbara, CA in 1993. I have continued to learn and teach different modalities to master the art of helping people get out of pain and keeping them from surgery. I have studied such techniques as:

Nuero-Muscular Therapy

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Myo-Facial Release

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Active Release

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Deep tissue

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Sports Massage

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In addition to the 8 techniques mentioned, I have also studded a very rare technique called Schulman Therapy.

I have taken all this knowledge and created my own type of therapy called Dynamic release Therapy.

I am a certified technician for the MedX machine and the Hanoun Multi Cervical unit.

I have been a personal trainer and was certified with the ISSA. I use all this training and years of experience to help people with their pain and dysfunction.

My work has taken me all over North America Helping people with there pain, dysfunction and keeping them from surgery.

What makes us unique?

Regardless of the original injury or diagnosis, chronic and recurring pain leads to and then feeds off pronounced weakness in the back & neck muscles. Our treatment uses specialized MedX rehabilitation equipment and Dynamic Release Therapy to functionally remove pain, weakness and instability for good. Regardless of their condition more than 85% of our clients report significant and sustained improvement as a result of our unique treatment protocol.

Published research shows that MedX works like no other therapy.

Regardless of initial diagnosis or original injury, if you have had low back/neck pain symptoms for more than 6 weeks or recurring over a longer period of time, you are likely to develop weakness and instability of the spine. This weakness is the major factor in most chronic back & neck conditions. At Back, Neck & Body we specialize in a specific functional , dynamic strengthening treatment and rehabilitation program, that has been proven to restore stability to the spine, reduce or eliminate pain and return our clients to a full and active life.

Are You A Candidate For Treatment?

We treat both acute and chronic back and neck conditions.

If your symptoms have appeared recently, we will use the best manual techniques (Dynamic Release Therapy) to facilitate the healing process and restore normal function as soon as possible.

If your symptoms are long-standing (more than 6 weeks) or recurrent. You are likely developed weakness and instability in your spine. You may be a candidate for our specialized program of intensive strengthening of the lumbar and/ or cervical spine using MedX technology.

We are able to treat anyone between the ages of 18 to 80.

Treatment is as suitable for those with sedentary lives as it is for athletes – we have patients at both ends of the spectrum.


Situations not suitable for MedX :

Pregnant women, immature skeleton (anyone under the age of 16), Spinal tumors, Acute spinal fractures, infection,

Cauda Equina syndrome, Metabolic bone disease,

inflammatory arthritis, Severe osteoporosis.

Over 1000 clinics worldwide are successfully using MedX Technology.